My partner and I first experienced Mr. Aiosa’s work in the late 1980s. Our rental apartment at 53 Greenwich Avenue was on the top floor and positively "Venetian" in the amount of water damage and decay that an uncaring management company (Bernard Charles) would not address. We brought in our own contractor and Vincenzo literally glued and pasted the place back together and painted the results beautifully.

By 1993, we had enough with renting and bought at 77 Seventh Avenue, The Vermeer. Apartment 14M was exactly the space we wanted but with all the charm and detail that the '63 rental apartment it had been. The owners were a retiring Salvation Army couple and the extent of work done was to make everything Estee blue: walls, carpets, window treatments. The kitchen, as well as the two baths were to be gut-renovations - including finding a way to get more space for china & crystal storage!

Vincenzo was called in and said he could do what we wanted in the two months we had for the work and within our $50,000 budget. This was August first and at the end of September, we moved into the apartment we had always wanted - perfect in every detail and right on the money cost-wise. Architectural detail included under- window units, bookshelves and built-ins, classic interior, door and crown moldings.

We "lived happily ever after" until a flood in September ‘99. Three inches of sewer line water and $47,500 worth of insurance settlement. January 2000 saw our third relationship with Vincenzo and his skill, talent, and patience. Repairs were made but also some improvements on the original - a new hardwood floor in the foyer, living room and dining space, dropped cornices over windows - re-designed under-window cabinetry. Our tragedy was turned into triumph by Mr. Aiosa. Again, on time and within the projected budget.

Do we love and recommend Millenium Tre? You bet we do.

John R. Sullivan

(212) 255-7596, office

(212) 243-5604, residence